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      + Export – Import
      + Global Sourcing
      + Settlement within
         European Community

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  • Visit of your enterprise to study your features
  • Analysis of international marketing
  • Definition of target
  • Creation and set up of marketing strategy
  • Procuring of international information
  • Conceptional development of your international activities
  • Acquisition of international financing, aid programme and
    assistance for your investments or international trading
  • Advisory service and assistance for establishing your
    branch/registered office in the European Community.
  • Trace of incentive programs for settlement in the EU for foreign
    enterprises with the relative application of funds, elaboration of
    necessary documentation, etc.
  • Administration and financial services
    (accounting, controlling, funds flow analysis, forecasting, budgeting,
    break-even costs analysis with tax consultant, recruitment of staff,
    application of residence permits for your staff, etc.)





  • Generate and following up of contacts with potential international
    business partners
  • Translation and international correspondence
  • Marketing service
    International tenders, participation on international trade fairs,
    exhibition, colloquium, etc.
  • Export logistics
    Export documentation, certificate of origin, consular invoices,
    customs clearance, negotiation with forwarders and insurance
    companies to obtain best rates and tariffs, etc.
  • Negotiation with authorities and banks for financial assistance
    and EU-aid programs


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